2 cubes – attractor experiment

In this experiment I used a very simple setup with an emitter, two attractors and a couple of lights.

After I brought it in to After effects for som color correction and added two soundlayers of abstract sounds.


Please let me know if you found it helpfull.


5 thoughts on “2 cubes – attractor experiment

  1. G.Me says:

    Bless You. Cool and now am well informed

  2. elmobasher says:

    I’m using R13, I don’t get the same result, my particles don’t stick to the boxes, where you think this went wrong ?!

    • Johan says:

      Hi Elmobasher.

      It’s kind of hard to give you a good answer here, it’s a couple of things that can be wrong.
      Be sure to turn of the global gravity, make sure to include the gravity in each box in the clowner. (make sure the cloners forces are set to “include” and not “exclude” (exclude is default))
      Make sure the cubes are dynamic bodies, if it doesent work, set it to dynamic mesh instead of automatic in the dynamict body tag.

      Hope it helps.


  3. elmobasher says:

    just wanted to add that i’m really grateful to your awesome tutorials.

  4. fakhril says:

    Hey i Think this a great tutorial. easy but beauty thats final :D, Anyway I newbie using Cinema 4D. i want ask you. Where i can get “Softbox Light” stuff like this tutorial. thx a lot 😀

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