Thinking Particles with individual anminations

In this tutoiral I explain how to set up a basic Thinking Particle System and how to assign a complete animation to a particle group.

I will allso quickly adress som techniques building a low-poly feeling.

In the final composoting I will work with 3D fog and depth of field using the Z-depth metadata from the rendered files.



Download scene file.

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Use multiple inheritance effectors for one set of clones

In this tutoiral I explain how to set up a scene where one set of clones uses multiple other set of clones as referense, changing position between the three.

I play around with the dynamic tags and follow position alot as well.




If I’m going to create tutorials I need a vignette, right?

2 cubes – attractor experiment

In this experiment I used a very simple setup with an emitter, two attractors and a couple of lights.

After I brought it in to After effects for som color correction and added two soundlayers of abstract sounds.


Please let me know if you found it helpfull.

Soft Body + Mesh deformer = Magic

I found a great looking video at, where he had used the mesh deformer to transfer soft body motion to high poly objects.

People where screaming for tutorials so I created my very first tutorial using this technique. (Not sure if I’m doing it the way rocket panda did, but it works.)



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